Skinny “Pasta”

Skinny “Pasta”




Am I the only one ready for their summer tan? It happens every Memorial Day. I look down at my sun deprived legs and give God thanks for body bronzer. Summer will be here before we know it! Can I be honest? I got some work to do. I went hog wild this weekend. The stress of wondering if Captain Kirk would in fact live through the second installment of Star Trek (Into the Darkness) led me to eat a half a bag of Flamin’Hot Cheetos in the 5th row of the cineplex. Let me clarify – that’s a half a grocery store sized bag! Yes, I smuggled it in.


I’m ashamed to cop to this next one but I also ate a McChicken. Whaaaat? You have no idea how long it’s been since I’ve darkened McDonald’s door. But it happened. I think it was the stress of waiting to see my big brother and my father shake their groove things down the street at San Francisco’s Carnaval¬†Parade.


My brother dances every year and dear old Dad made his parade debut. I have the craziest, best-est family a girl could ask for.


They were assigned #47 in the parade. That’s a lot of sequence, g-strings and ¬†forbidden dancing to wait through. Somehow we found ourselves waiting for their arrival in front of a very fragrant McDonald’s. It was inevitable. I also have to admit that it was delicious! The fish taco and pepperoni pizza I inhaled after the parade glitter had cleared screamed “enough is enough!”


And this my friend is redemption on a plate. Summer is short shorts, long nights, racer back tops – skin gets darker – hair get’s lighter and so must my junk food consumption. This is a great way to usher in the pending warmer weather:





Happily adapted from Zuzka


Aaah – This recipe is so light – so right – guess what? My kids devoured it!

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