Healthy Egg Muffin

Healthy Egg Muffin



The most awkward thing happened the other day.  A dear friend of mine sat me down for a heart to heart.  She was concerned that it’s been a while since I was “with someone”.  She went on and on about wanting to set me up with someone great.  Excuse me!  I will have you know that I have been in a hot and steamy relationship with processed carbs for a very long time. Processed carbs and I very committed to one another. Biscuit and I had a breakfast date last Sunday. White rice sushi called me up for dinner just the other night and as I type this right now I am holding a slice of sourdough bread close to my bosom.


So, dear concerned friends of the world. I got me somebody!


But, alright, alright perhaps it’s wise to diversify and not spend so much time with processed carbs.  So I’m venturing out and dating new foods. Protein. How you doin’?  Here’s the thing. Meat doesn’t turn me on the way veggies and fruits and carbs, lawd have mercy carbs do.  I can make a kale salad that’ll make you slap somebody.  I once drove 45 minutes to try some squash a co-worker raved about.  But protein?  I’m kinda lost :( But getting stuck in a rut just isn’t my thing. Plus, I’ve fallen in love with lifting weights! Yes, weights. Whaaat?


Oh, relax I wont resemble the Hulk anytime soon. Or ever, actually. Quite the contrary. Weight lifting is merely tightening up my size 4 physique. Confession: I’ve been secretly stalking women’s weight lifting blogs. Guess what? Adding weight training to my cardio doesn’t make me big! I’m still tiny, but now I’m kinda mighty (corny, I know)  Guess what else? I gotta get more protein!


So, this recipe is me overtly flirting with protein.  First up – the incredible, edible, egg :)



Healthy Egg Muffin Recipe:



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2 Responses to Healthy Egg Muffin

  1. OMGeeeeee YUMALICIOUS! ;) I have missed you, my fierce and newly mighty blog friend! I think you have always been quite mighty but the weightlifting adds some extra might to the mighty! You won’t get all bulky as a girl unless you go to extremes to get there, but long lean muscle is quite sexy! :) so along with your muffin date, you could just attract some hottie along the way! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

    • Mawiyah says:

      Hello!!! So good to hear from ya’!! Yes, I have missed blogging so very much!!! Weight lifting is my new crush :) But yeah, I’m totally keeping my eyes open for an actual hottie! Fingers crossed :) Thanks so much for commenting!

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