Healthy Egg Muffin

Healthy Egg Muffin



The most awkward thing happened the other day.  A dear friend of mine sat me down for a heart to heart.  She was concerned that it’s been a while since I was “with someone”.  She went on and on about wanting to set me up with someone great.  Excuse me!  I will have you know that I have been in a hot and steamy relationship with processed carbs for a very long time. Processed carbs and I very committed to one another. Biscuit and I had a breakfast date last Sunday. White rice sushi called me up for dinner just the other night and as I type this right now I am holding a slice of sourdough bread close to my bosom.


So, dear concerned friends of the world. I got me somebody!


But, alright, alright perhaps it’s wise to diversify and not spend so much time with processed carbs.  So I’m venturing out and dating new foods. Protein. How you doin’?  Here’s the thing. Meat doesn’t turn me on the way veggies and fruits and carbs, lawd have mercy carbs do.  I can make a kale salad that’ll make you slap somebody.  I once drove 45 minutes to try some squash a co-worker raved about.  But protein?  I’m kinda lost :( But getting stuck in a rut just isn’t my thing. Plus, I’ve fallen in love with lifting weights! Yes, weights. Whaaat?


Oh, relax I wont resemble the Hulk anytime soon. Or ever, actually. Quite the contrary. Weight lifting is merely tightening up my size 4 physique. Confession: I’ve been secretly stalking women’s weight lifting blogs. Guess what? Adding weight training to my cardio doesn’t make me big! I’m still tiny, but now I’m kinda mighty (corny, I know)  Guess what else? I gotta get more protein!


So, this recipe is me overtly flirting with protein.  First up – the incredible, edible, egg :)



Healthy Egg Muffin Recipe:



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Skinny “Pasta”

Skinny “Pasta”




Am I the only one ready for their summer tan? It happens every Memorial Day. I look down at my sun deprived legs and give God thanks for body bronzer. Summer will be here before we know it! Can I be honest? I got some work to do. I went hog wild this weekend. The stress of wondering if Captain Kirk would in fact live through the second installment of Star Trek (Into the Darkness) led me to eat a half a bag of Flamin’Hot Cheetos in the 5th row of the cineplex. Let me clarify – that’s a half a grocery store sized bag! Yes, I smuggled it in.


I’m ashamed to cop to this next one but I also ate a McChicken. Whaaaat? You have no idea how long it’s been since I’ve darkened McDonald’s door. But it happened. I think it was the stress of waiting to see my big brother and my father shake their groove things down the street at San Francisco’s Carnaval Parade.


My brother dances every year and dear old Dad made his parade debut. I have the craziest, best-est family a girl could ask for.


They were assigned #47 in the parade. That’s a lot of sequence, g-strings and  forbidden dancing to wait through. Somehow we found ourselves waiting for their arrival in front of a very fragrant McDonald’s. It was inevitable. I also have to admit that it was delicious! The fish taco and pepperoni pizza I inhaled after the parade glitter had cleared screamed “enough is enough!”


And this my friend is redemption on a plate. Summer is short shorts, long nights, racer back tops – skin gets darker – hair get’s lighter and so must my junk food consumption. This is a great way to usher in the pending warmer weather:





Happily adapted from Zuzka


Aaah – This recipe is so light – so right – guess what? My kids devoured it!

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That’s What Friends Are For!

That’s What Friends Are For!





Remember when you were a kid and you’d tell an embarrassing story about your “friend” or you’d seek wise counsel from someone to help you sort out an issue you had with your “friend” knowing full well that that so called “friend” was none other than you?


Confession, thats exactly how I was going to write this post. But who are we kidding here. I’ve revealed far worse offenses than this admission on this little blog and maybe, just maybe my coming out of the closet will free someone else.


Ok, here it goes: I needed help. Like I really needed help. I  have this problem. I simply must have a neat and tidy home, but I can’t stand cleaning. So how do I meet this paradox in the middle? I maintain cleanliness in every area of my home – except my closets! My closets are like whoa! Correction, my closets WERE like whoa.


And then the heavens opened up and God sent down a certified neat freak who happens to be my bud. This is the way life should be 24/7…


This is my buddy Nicole:



She’s an actress :) [Click here to see her demo]

She’s a professional organizer! [Good Lord click here] or [Goodness gracious click here]

Look at what she went and did!




I say all this to say: For a good time call Nicole. For an even better time call “Get Organized with Nikki” And the choir sang – amen! 510.677.4880



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